A collection of images set in dystopian often future realities

The watchtower keeps a constant eye on seafarers and the local landmasses. One of their armed drones is nearby.

Carnivorous Machines
Plot: These machines, built by humans, are now our predators. Human numbers are dwindling and no one is safe.
Weak radio transmission:
"This is Doctor Fletcher, Doctor Raymond Fletcher. I was involve- involved in the Infinity Project. I'm calling out to all survivors. We have, I hope, a safe house. Somewhere the machin--s can't get us. Y-you probably should know what's going on. If you're confused, lost. We, humans. We became too arrogant. Experimented too far. We asked could [static] create, but never should we. That was, I fear, our downfall. Our greatest mistake. We created war machines, which became too powerful. We- we tried to stop them. We cut the power but they found a way, a way to survive. Us. We created our own predators, and now they're out there.
I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. For all of us. But maybe, if we can stay safe, we can fight bac-
[noise, static]
They found us, it's breached. We were fools, there's no stopping us now. The machines, they won. If you're still out there, please, stay s-"
[crashing and screams, static].

If you see this beast of a machine. Run, just, run

On it's own relatively harmless but this scout will bring more threats. Light and agile, they scout for human victims

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